Krueger/Alou? The Readers Speak
by Glenn Dickey
Aug 13, 2005

I received so much E-mail on the Larry Krueger/Felipe Alou/KNBR/Giants controversy, about which I wrote on August 9 and 11, that I decided to do a separate piece with a representative sampling of my e-mail. E-mail on other topics is in “Letters.”

Glenn, I’m a 66-year-old Jewish male and have been subjected to a few bigoted statements, one even in my college newspaper. The way I have handled these issues and how Felipe should have is to see the person face-to-face. Tell him you want a full apology out in the open and then forget about it.
Norman Berger

GD: I wish Alou had handled it that way.

Glenn, Brian Sabean, as the Giamts GM, could have defused the entire Krueger episode with Alou. Instead, he did a disappearing act, much like the Giants hierarchy.
Rich Lieberman

GD: Too true. No member of the Giants management did anything, either publicly or privately. They were too happy to see Krueger being bashed to see the consequences.

Glenn, I played ball in Colombia for awhile and was constantly referred to as a gringo, even having this appear in the newspaper as though it were my nickname. I considered this very offensive, considering my very Latin background (French-Italian) but was told that I was being overly-sensitive and that it wasn’t meant in a derogatory manner. Yeah, right.
Craig Carrozzi

GD: Apparently, no ethnic group has a monopoly on racial insensitivity.

Glenn, I understand that Alou went through a lot during his career as a player, but it goes not give him the right to stand on a pulpit and assume that one comment makes the man. I was raised to believe that you attack the idea, not the man.
Philip Avalos

GD: That’s a very good rule.

Glenn, I believe a window still exists to right this wrong – for Alou to make a public appeal to the KNBR powers to reinstate the men to their jobs. The decision-makers, not wanting to draw any more heat, could agree without losing face. . . Alou would have made his point and appear magnanimous.
Jim Lynch

GD: Good idea, but I think it’s too late for that. The decision to fire the three, though announced by station manager Tony Salvadore, was I’m certain made by Susquehanna executives. The company is trying to sell all their stations, and they didn’t want this hanging over one of the stations.

Glenn, Felipe Alou should have handled this like Tiger Woods did with Fuzzy Zeller. They talked things out and Woods expressed himself and accepted his apology. Alou has a bad temper. If he didn’t want Krueger fired, he would have acted like he was against the message. Instead, he attacked Krueger.
Jim Marquardt

GD: Alou obviously wanted to make a point, but he took it much too far with his comments about “messenger from Satan.” He couldn’t back down from that position.

Glenn, Granted, Alou was stung by Krueger’s words and his experiences with racism dating back to the ‘50s continue to sting. However, he has achieved so much, financially and professionally. He appears the bully in this situation, considering his inability to forgive and the eventual firings he caused by continuing his public comments..
Reginald Calaguas

GD: I think Alou had most of the public behind him after his immediate reaction but when he escalated the tension with his “messenger from Satan” comments, he lost the sympathy of many – including me.

Glenn, Earlier in the season, during the honoring of Juan Marichal, Peter Magowan was interviewed by Larry Krueger and Magowan’s contempt was quite evident, even when Krueger offered compliments about how the ownership honored the Giants history.
Tim Craig

GD: Magowan’s arrogance sets the tone for the whole organization, which is why the Giants didn’t act to defuse the situation. It will be interesting to see what kind of backlash there is. Alou’s contract was extended through 2006 earlier this season, which I thought reasonable at the time. Now, though, he may be just another negative for a Giants management which has to face the uncertainty surrounding the return of Barry Bonds and the reality of a very bad team this year as they attempt to sell tickets for the 2006 season. If you read after the season that Alou has changed his mind and decided to retire, you’ll know that management decided he was too much of a liability.

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