by Glenn Dickey
Jan 14, 2006

The new year is here and its time to make vacation plans. Im putting together a sports-oriented group for a 12-day Eastern Mediterranean cruise, starting Sept. 28, which will include stops at spots like Athens, Istanbul and Cairo/Alexandria, which were the birthplace of western civilization.

When were at sea, well hold group discussions during which you can ask me questions on any sports topic. Well have sessions in which you can play general manager and decide what youd do if you were in charge of your favorite team: 49ers, Giants, As, Raiders, Warriors. Well be able to monitor ongoing games, so we can discuss the baseball playoffs, as well as the NFL and college football seasons.

Some of you responded earlier. Those of you who want more information now should contact travel agent Janice Hough at Janice will supply you with the complete itinerary and prices.

What do YOU think? Let me know!

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