by Glenn Dickey
Sep 11, 2006

I will be returning to writing tomorrow with my Examiner column. On Wednesday, I will be writing on my website, and I will keep that column posted the next day as well.

We returned from a 17-day trip to Italy, visiting Rome, Florence, Lake Como and Milan last Thursday, but recovering from jet lag has been difficult because we had a full schedule when we returned. Saturday night, we went to see legendary jazz pianist Oscar Peterson at Yoshi’s in Oakland. Sunday night, I presented the man who hired me at The Chronicle in 1963, Art Rosenbaum, for posthumous induction into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame of the Bay Area. Other inductees were former 49er offensive tackle Harris Barton, Ed Bercovich, who has helped so many with his youth baseball programs in Oakland, blind rowing champion Aerial Gilbert and amateur golfer Gary Shemano.

That schedule, plus the usual scramble to catch up on bills and news, has kept me from answering much of my e-mail, so I apologize for that. As you know, I’m usually pretty good at keeping up with e-mail, and I promise to continue that in the future.

Our trip went well. Much of it was over familiar ground because we’ve been to Rome five times, Florence four and Lake Como three. But there were also some new things; we got out to Siena and Lucca on day trips from Florence and also finally saw the original David by Michelangelo in Florence. The day before, we also saw Donatello’s bronze statue of David, which is probably more accurate historically because it depicts David as a slight teenager, which he seems to be from Biblical descriptions, instead of the imposing warrior that Michelangelo sculpted. But Michelangelo’s version is the more impressive.

We traveled on British Airways and transferred in Heathrow, so we went through additional security. That added security caused one problem – our bags didn’t arrive until the next morning – but we had no problems otherwise. We never thought of canceling our flights. I don’t take unnecessary risks – we won’t be booking any flights to Tel Aviv or Beirut – but to live in fear of doing anything. . . well, what’s the point?

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