by Glenn Dickey
Nov 20, 2006

I’ll write on my usual schedule this week, Tuesday and Friday in the Examiner and Wednesday on my website. I wrote a bonus column on Saturday last week and also updated “Letters” with 13 new posts. I won’t update that again until sometime next week, and I’ll probably not be as good about answering e-mails this week because of the Thanksgiving holiday.


Tickets are available now for the Bill Cosby concert in Phoenix on January 13 on the links on this site. During the holiday season, tickets will be available for bowl games. There are also popular holiday programs, including Radio City Christmas, Wicked and Jersey Boys.

Big Game tickets will be available on this link as well as tickets for these big college football games:

--Notre Dame at USC
--Auburn at Alabama
--Nebraska at USC
--Texas A& M at Texas
--USC at UCLA.

Tickets are also available for NFL games.

What do YOU think? Let me know!

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